Neuroimaging Dissociative Identity Disorder

Principal investigator: Dr A.A.T. Simone Reinders

Welcome to the information site about the neuroimaging project investigating the neural, behavioral and cognitive correlates of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Data acquisition has been completed and severel papers have been published and more are on the way.

Two Phd students have completed their theses and obtained their degree under the supervision of Dr Reinders:

Dr Eline Vissia's thesis can be found here.

Dr Sima Chalavi's thesis can be found here.

Two further PhD students (Ms Lora Dimitrova and Ms Katerina Strouza) are working on manuscripts for publication that will build their theses.
They completed their MSc thesis with distinction under Dr Reinders' supervision.

A full list of Dr Reinders' publications can be found at her King's College London website, here.

And her biographical details can be found here.

You can follow Dr Simone Reinders on Twitter: @AATSReinders

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