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Dr. Antje A.T.S. Reinders, PhD

(calling name 'Simone')

Neuroimaging dissociative identity disorder

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Circulum vitae:

Since 1998 Simone Reinders has performed multidisciplinary research in the field of brain imaging. She started in the neuroimaging field at University Medical Centre Groningen performing a PET study in patients who suffer from dissociative identity disorder. She continued with this topic with her PhD in 1999. In addition, she worked on the methodological refinement of PET data-acquisition and data-reconstruction.

From 2001 to 2003 Simone Reinders worked with Prof. Dr. Christian Büchel in Hamburg (Germany) as a full time visiting PhD student to perform a fear perception fMRI study in healthy subjects. She returned to Groningen to finish her PhD and obtained her doctorate with distinction Cum Laude. She remained working as a post-doctorate researcher on several neuroimaging projects at the University Medical Centre in Groningen until she moved to London in the beginning of 2007.

At the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), King's College London, Simone Reinders holds the status of Lecturer and is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychosis Studies under the supervision of Dr. Paola Dazzan and Prof. Gareth Barker. In this role she is directly responsible for the coordination of data-analysis pipelines of structural and functional data in various projects conducted in the department. She teaches (both individually and in group settings) fMRI design efficiency and new neuroimaging (data acquisition and analysis) methodologies to undergraduates, PhD students and to other staff within the Division of Psychological Medicine. However, her main task assignment is to work closely with a team of researchers at the IoP and other European centres in the acquisition and analysis of a large imaging dataset obtained as part of the Optimization of Treatment and Management of Schizophrenia in Europe (OpTiMiSE) study. This data is acquired using different imaging modalities, including volumetric MRI, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for glutamate, and 18-F-Dopa PET.

Over the years Simone Reinders has developed a specific interest in the methodological aspect of neuroimaging in parallel with a fascination for dissociative identity disorder. On the latter subject she has been awarded a VENI grant, the most prestigious grant for young investigators in the Netherlands. This grant from the NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) allows her to develop her own research line by supporting the continuation of her neuroimaging research in patients with dissociative identity disorder. The grant supports the study entitled "Conscious of the self? Functional neuroimaging of self-awareness in dissociative identity disorder", which takes place in the Netherlands but is an international multi-centre project that takes place at the IoP in London along with BCN-NiC of the University Medical Centre, Groningen (UMCG) and the VU Amsterdam, both in the Netherlands.

The ability to develop and work on two lines of research in different countries testifies to her organizational and management skills, her capability as a team leader, her ability to prioritize work, and her ambitious nature.

Student supervision and Teaching:
PhD: Currently supervising three PhD student as co-promotor: two as daily supervisor; Three PhD students completed their PhDs: one as daily supervisor, all three co-promotor.
MSc: Ten students have completed their MSc under my supervisioni (7 in Groningen and 2 at the IoPPN), where two received a distinction.
BSc: Four student completed their BSc under my supervision.
Lecturing UK: In the MSc Programmes:1) Mental Health Studies' module, and 2) the MSc Neuroimaging Module at the IoP, KCL, UK.
Lecturing NL: In several BSc and MSc courses at the University of Groningen, NL.

Grants and awards obtained:
2012 Open access publication grant of the NWO.
2010 Honorary Fellow International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (www.isst-d.org).
2009 - present BCN Internationalisation grant: 1) Collaboration University of Zürich, CH. 2) Collaboration Harvard University, USA.
2007 - 2011 NWO VENI grant. Grant number 451-07-009 (2007 - 2012). Stimulation grant for young excellent researchers from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (www.nwo.nl).
2006 The David Caul Memorial Award (www.isst-d.org) for the best non-published paper in the field of dissociation.
2001 - 2003 BCN Internationalisation grant: Collaboration Hamburg University, DE.
2001 BCN Poster Prize.

Selected publications (peer reviewed):
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