Audrey Chung

Neuroimaging dissociative identity disorder

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In discussing the etiology of dissociative identity disorder (DID), the relation between trauma, dissociation and psychosis is often discussed. This specific field has recently gained more attention in the literature and on international conferences. Holders of the psychosis view argue that dissociative experiences are actually related to psychotic symptoms. More specifically, the emergence of multiple personalities are actually hallucinations. Audrey will face the challenge to investigated the overlap between psychosis and dissociation using psychological measures.

Curriculum vitae:
In the previous years Audrey developed her research skills during her undergraduate program in experimental psychology. Hence, she believes that it would be important to combine her clinical knowledge of disorders and her interest in brain processes in order to pursue her road as a clinical psychologist. With a MSc in Mental Health Studies plus psychology, combined with her strong background in statistical analysis and mathematical computing, thereby adding her creative ideas and clinical perspective, she believes that she holds a close to perfect recipe to be able to contribute to the scientific knowledge regarding DID.

2006 - 2009: BSc in Experimental Psychology University College of London (UCL), London University.
Dissertation: First Class honoured Publishing Journal of Personality and Individual differences, Investigating the Relationship in Creativity, Psychosis-Proneness, Hypomania and personality.

Current position:
2009 - now MSc in Mental Health Studies, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London

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