Sima Chalavi, MSc

Neuroimaging dissociative identity

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Over the last decades the field of brain imaging has explosively grown. New data acquisition and analysis methodologies are becoming available. Although functional MRI can tell us about specific task-related brain activations, the question always remains how these activations are mediated through the anatomical areas and interconnected pathways of the brain. If differential activations are found in certain brain areas between patients and controls where do these come from? It might as well be that due to a decrease in volume or a decrease in cortical thickness brain function is affected. Or perhaps it is the anatomical connections that are disturbed thereby giving a difference in rely of information to the brain areas, hence affecting the functional output of that brain area. Sima Chalavi her PhD will focus on the anatomical differences between DID patients and controls. To this end, Sima will collaborate intensively with James Cole at the Institute of Psychiatry and Prof. Arthur Toga and Prof. Paul Thompson of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) UCLA, USA.

Curriculum vitae:

With her methodological background with a MSc in Biomedical engineering, and the brain as her main interest, Sima Chalavi has all the ingredients to make her a promising researcher in the field of Neuroimaging.

2003-2006: M.Sc, Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectrics) with GPA 16.72/20. Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Thesis: Cardiac disease/arrhythmia detection using nonlinear analyses of Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Areas of study: Modelling of Biological Systems, Biological Signal Processing, Bioinstrumentation, Chaos in Biological Systems, Cybernetics, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems
1999-2003: B.Sc, Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectrics) Iran with GPA 16.33/20, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

Current positions::
2008 - now: PhD student, BCN Neuroimaging Center, Universal Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
2009 - now: Honarary PhD student, Institute of Psychiatry (IoP), King's College London (KCL), London, United Kingdom

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